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I don't often throw my true sentiments out like this on Facebook, but here is my slant of things....good luck in following me here...here's something to think about...whilst everyone is bantering on the emotional second amendment (and I will maintain my gun control by hitting my target every time thanks) ... so in 1996 in France I had one gun pulled on me and i saw a few others.....in November in London in the tubes I also saw a gun brandished (not by a 'Bobbie').....both in societies where strong gun control rules are in place, enforced etc....we should get to the root problem....it isn't about guns, tools, or implements...example - the same exact day that sandy hook took place a chinese man went on a rampage with a dull butter knife stabbing 20 or so adults and children, where was that press?..... reality is...this is another flagrant smokescreen being unveiled whilst other things/deals/compromises/liberties stolen, etc are being brandished in front of our eyes in political black markets, but like a great illusionist, the distraction wows 'the mob' and the peddlers continue the sham...... to this end, the ultimate breakdown is simple....it deals with free will, execution of choice, and acceptance of accountability anchored to executed choice....the continued restrictions/reductions on family, where mental illness is discovered and then further identified in community......let's repair individual health, family and then move to societal issues....the 'mob' mentality of rule on this issue is an eerie reflection of Greece and Rome and their subsequent decay into nothingness.... in the meantime, politcal black markets keep peddling fodder and the 'mob' is too blind to understand the filth they are digesting b/c this is what they are accustomed to getting at Macdonalds' and burger king....sad state really...wake up!!!!

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