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01 July 2012

Change of pace, year 38

Well a change of pace is quite nice.  I have 2 weeks unscheduled to be at home.  Well let me re-qualify that, clients changed their circumstances and I was told to stay at home and work for another client.

I had arranged to take Dennis and Liz with me to Maine and for that I was disappointed.  however, my 38th birthday was on Monday and I was able to be at home.  Dennis and Liz were in Tennessee the week before and when Dennis saw me, he came and hopped right up into my arms.  I have agreat little boy.  Newsflash, he has grown an inch this past month.  Crazy!

The challenges of working from home are a welcomed change of pace.  Liz recently passed her real estate boards and is joining a real estate group - Platinum Realty of Cache Valley.  So, this change has been causing Dennis a little confusion as mom normally stays at home with him.  We are hoping this is a successful venture for Liz and grants her an opportunity to do something outside the home.  She is great at most things she tries and I hope this is no different.  Time will tell.

While home I have some interesting requests of my clients.  I was able to complete my yearly performance evaluation with my boss ( I think I have one) and roast in the poorly insulated office above our garage.

We went to lagoon today to wrap this week up since our last outing was cut short by my balance issues.  I ran into an issue again today and fought through it.  I think it is related to the horrible allergies I have had this week that are killing my eyes.  In the end, we learned of Dennis' growth spurt and he fell in love with Samurai, the rocket (Blast off and Re-entry) and others.  We made it home safe and sound and now I am heading to bed.

Cheers and goodnight!

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