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04 September 2010


It's a holiday weekend, and we had hotdogs over the fire last night. Dennis was a hyper little monster. He loved it and it doesn't seem to stop. Liz has been homeschooling Dennis and it appears to be quite the wonderful experience.

The transition to our new home has been quite nice and welcomed. Last night we found a steal of a deal on a TV stand. Putting it together last night was a bit of a challenge but in the end I vanquished the task and over came.

Dennis is liking the new attractions in his yard. He loves his trampoline and the chances he has to go and jump with friends and family. He loves his play yard, and he goes on many a pirate adventure with himself and friends...

Liz appears to love her new abode. The terms 'dream house' and couldn't be happier have come out of her mouth when she explains things to friends and family. I think she has been glad to have me around after traveling for the last few weeks, and hey, I think we are still even 'in love' with each other. Go figure!

I have been told a lot lately that I should consider writing a book. Its a wonderfully exciting idea, truly. However, when I see all my friends that have tried to write one or mentors, they tend to have to sacrifice their time with family or other things. Right now, Liz, Dennis and I seem to be the most important thing. When we feel that this isn't the case, then maybe I will entertain the prospects of writing a book. Then comes the ever fun choice of: Fact or Fiction? Topic? Premise? Outcome? Plot? Not to mention the task of trying to make it all come together with the correct amount of research to produce the results I would want to find myself as a reader. Who knows, maybe there is something in writing that helps the author become better.

I think I am going to include in my blog my outings to new restaurants etc as I travel and my airline experiences. I'd like to write more and I have more free time to do so in my journey as I travel M-F most weeks.

For example...
Houston -

Freebirds-- a mid-major of the Burrito movement. It was well done, with plenty of options for the carnivore and omnivore humans alike. The atmosphere was great. It was a bit loud, but for a bustling college town it is well suited to cater to those seeking something better than Chipotle.

The Tasty Pickle -- The name of this little restaurant caught me off guard and so when I was looking for something different this was my choice. It was a pseudo/quasi Greek fare restaurant. I think I got a mini pizza and it was a thin-style Toscano pizza. The person taking orders was a wonderfully genuine young man which made up for the food which was more in the B- range. It's an interesting diversion from the crappy norm of fast food restaurants, however, I was a bit bummed and the location is off the path and difficult to get into.

Kam's (spelling)
This is a really great Chinese/Japanese fare resto. I was quite surprised my first outing to this place when I first got to Houston. my new colleagues were excited to take me here and I was only impressed. The vegetarian fare was great and the meat in the other dishes that I have had since, didn't make me question whether a cat or dog may be involved.

Cafe Express --
Now this has been my favorite little joint. This is a great fresh option. From salads, to pasta, to their other offerings its fresh, quick and well presented. It is loud, but a perfect environment to distress from one's normal responsibility in the corporate market. Everything I have had there has been great. Only complaint I have is its so busy that finding a wanted seat is sometimes problematic. Other than that, love it!

See, I am not a harsh or a complete critic, but I think I can have fun doing this. Not only will I go over some of the food choices, but travel in/out, airlines, car rentals etc. Anyway...


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