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2017 - May - Daybreak Triathlon Preview

Race/Event Preview

When: 24 June, 2017
Where: Lake Ave, South Jordan, UT 84095
Official Website and registration details:  Click Here

Thoughts and Pre-Event/Race 

So, I thought I would do something a bit different and add something new to my journaling.  I entered a contest late last week via the BlondeRunner.com and well, I won.  I wasn't expecting it, but i guess I should preview and do some homework.

My birthday is June 25th.  So this works to take care of me turning 43.  Time keeps on moving and I keep on tri'ing to keep up.  This event is in the Greater Salt Lake City valley in the state of Utah.  It's in a newer and emerging town that was once just known as out beyond West Jordan and West Valley. The race/event offers two distances:


Swim - 750 meters
Cycle - 23.5 Kkm
Run - 5 km


Swim - 1500 meters
Cycle - 33 km
Run - 10 km

The course maps for the two distances are detailed here: Course Map (Official website)


A wetsuit is recommended and I will use that to my advantage.  It is an individualized start so that should also be nice although I tend to do just fine in the 'maytag' melee of Open Water Swim.  It should be a decent temperature - 67 degrees - which is still cold, but a good temp at 8 am in the morning.  I suspect sighting to be a bit interesting as it appears to have one major buoy and the a overhead bridge with a pylon to navigate.  Should be interesting in this man-mad lake of sorts.


This course shoots out and up to the mine known as  Kennecott.  That hill is not a slouch, so I need to be ready for that, but that also means a lot of quick downhill.  I suspect T1 to be quick and if I have two probars I should be great for this event.  I just need to remember to be smart and adapt quickly to the conditions as it will be my first time on this course and riding in this area.  I have a few friends familiar with this area and i will reach out to them as i am able.


This is touted as flat and fast and should be like San Antonio.  There are pro's and cons to this.  As a triathlete, you have to run your own race/event and not let yourself fumble b/c you get amped and try something out of your context.  But at the same time, we have become so tech-saavy and driven that we also limit ourselves.  So it will be interesting to see how I do.  It's a loop, so we have to do it twice.  Loops are bammer, but to do the full 140.6 Ironman distance, most courses do loops and not point to points.  At least the swim is point to point :)

Unless something strange happens with the entry i won, i will do the longer Olympic course.  Overall this looks like a fun and reputable distance.  It looks like a good coordinated event.  We have some good friends that live in the area, and we hope that they will hang out with Liz and Dennis and Juniper to help the day go by.  I should be done relatively quickly compared to a HIM or a FULL IM.   I think this is a USAT sanctioned event so I may have to put out a few bucks for an event participation pass, and I had to do that with St George 70.3 IM.  Anyway.

Training and feel and Where am I at?

Night before 70.3 IM St George - May 6th

I maintain a good training thus far and continue to keep that up.  I have a 13.1 mile event on June 9th that is just a run.  The event is OnHillEvents Drop13 .  I ran this last yer with Kenny Carling after having a bib transfer, a whole other story, but in the end ran him down and had a great run and conversation - Click here for strava.  I had a very solid 20 mile loop last week, and I forgot to take hydration.  i was a bit thirsty towards the end, but b/c of forgetting hydration, I monitored myself.  I made sure to take my time where I needed to, but was able to get in aero and be comfortable and relax while pushing.  My runs are strong, and I am a bit at a plateau.  I plan more two a days and brick like - bike/run workouts as I can over the next little bit.  I travel the week of June 5th, so that will be a bit annoying.  Other than that, things are strong and I should be able to just be solid.  I don't know what to expect from other participants, but for me I thnk I'd like to achieve the following:

SWIM - 1500 meters in under 32 minutes
BIKE - 33 km in less than 75 minutes
RUN- 10km in less than 60 minutes

Overall time - 3 hours max
The above estimates are on my I know nothing about the course and based off where I currently feel my fitness is if I fumble.  I found last years results here and I think i can do a top 10 in my AG.  I guess I am conservative, so we shall see.

Looking forward to this entry.  Thanks again to BlondeRunner.com for the winning entry !

Information below is copied from the Official Website:  Click Here  --THis way I can look here and link to the site when I forget or need quick reference.

Packet pickup information is TBA.
Saturday June 24, 20176:00-7:00 AM
Timing chip pickup and body marking
Near the Transition Area
7:30 AM
Pre-Race Meeting - All Athletes
At the transition area
8:00 AM
Olympic Wave Starts
(Individual time trial starts)
8:30 AM
Sprint Wave Starts
(Individual time trial starts)
11:30 (approx.)
Awards Ceremony and Prizes
Will begin when top three finishers from each division have finished.
Location: Podium area near finish line.

Individual Time Trial Start

All Olympic Distance athletes should be ready to go at 8:00 am. The Sprint race starts at 8:30.

Elite racers will go first (there isn't an official Elite wave). We will then go in order of youngest to oldest. We will keep the time trial start going regardless of age groups. Each racer will have an individual start time. So be ready! We get all the athletes in the water pretty quickly.

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