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08 March 2017

2017 - 07 March - SICk Day

Every once in awhile the body decides to be disruptive.  Yesterday and today I am sick.  It is not a good sick.  It has been quite mean.  I am getting the personal tour of monetzuma's castle and I am not a fan.  So what happened.


So, didn't think anything was going on.  After a particular frustrating work meeting, I kept to myself and away from collegues and jumped in the subway.  Well i walked the longer rout to the more direct line.  I stopped and grabbed food at whole foods first.  Then I got back and here is where things go screwy.

Well I found these.  Wonderful GOL Energy and focus and I decided to use one pre-run.  Waited about 25 minutes after taking with only 4 not 8 oz of water, and chased it with another 12 ounces of water.

I don't think that was the cause of things but it definitely didn't help.   I have also been eating the protein bars.  I have a shake in the morning, then falafel from Golan Heights.  Well all seemed well.

I went on my run and started to groove in.  the first two miles were good but not belabored, but at mile 2 I stopped to do some dynamic stretches and my stomach was off.  So, I went back to things and slowed way down.  I was just thinking that maybe I can keep my HR back and just cruise a bit.  Well after slogging up the north side hill and getting to 4.2 something definitely wasn't right.  I have not been able to locate bathrooms in CP and well, I was sure if I kept running I would need one.  So i cut the watch, restarted a new session and began the approx 2 mile walk back in.  It SUCKED!

While walking I was taking my time and I noticed a few things about my condition.  I was really sweaty, but that isn't too unique but how salty I felt, that was not normal.  i was texting Liz a bit and she is home dealing with 'Morning Sickness' you know she's growing a new wee parasite and its sucking her dry.  My feet weren't to badly bothered although I am 450 miles or better on my current shoes.  My stomach was just in a state of malaise and not happy.  So, I was able to walk it back to the hotel and made it.  Well, I think I list approx 5 lbs of water weight following the Montezuma excursion.

I woke up in the middle of the night at least 3 times spewing at the porcelain throne.  Not exactly sure why, but it picked me.  It was a horrible run as I am trying to grow my volume in readiness for the 2017 70.3 St. George Ironman branded event.

Oh well, the pangs of little disruptions in health, letting me know I am alive.  Cheers.

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