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19 August 2016

2016 Aug 19 - 2015 - 2016 year in Review - Theme Goals -

Reference post - Including my impromptu goals

I penned the following goals as noted in the posted link above:
SHANE'S GOALS 2015 (see post reference above)
  1. I want to get to 190 lbs or less by my birthday next year (June 25). This is the highest level task for me
  2. I want to get to an 8:00 - 8:15 minute pace for 10 K to 13.1 miles -- same time frame as number 1 (One)
  3. I want to run Epic with Liz and other good friends - FYI i hate running relays - Other cycling/running events include - Tour de Park City, Cache Valley Gran Fondo or Logan Sprint Tri, Rockwell, MS150, Tou 13.1, Drop 13, Saints to Sinners... and whatever else Liz and I fancy
  4. IM 70.3 in 2016 will be St George and I want to finish under 7 hours - 2017 will be St George and Santa Cruz with my Step brother - Aaron
  5. I'd like to organize a triathlon for local kids 6 years to 16 year old.... I am thinking right before school starts in 2016 so middle to late August, so anyone that wants to help....just want to inspire kids to get active and not take a 20 year break like me
  6. Enrich friendships as I go. I know I can be a turd. I work with C-level executives in my profession (and I travel too much) and well I want cut throat to not be what I do when being athletic. So, if I have offended you by my love of cycling or anything else, kick me so I can be better, tell me to tone it back...

Thoughts about the above Goals

Goal 1 - 

I met this goal and am currently today floating at 189 - 192.  This has been maintenance weight.  I need to get better, I truly do if i am going to keep at this and get more shed.

Goal 2 -

I am really dialing into this space.  I ran this 13.1 a little bit out of it, but I surrendered my time b/c of the snafu with the bib transfer, it happens no sweat.  I really enjoyed pacing and keeping kenny company and bringing him in way under his goal time.  As for 10 k distances, I am nailing this time.  I am where I want to be.  I am starting to flirt with the 8 min/mile now.  I have been able to get to 7:7 min/mile off and on and need to build up my consistency and endurance at that pace.  I can keep making gains here I am sure.

Goal 3 -

Leg 12

Leg 24

Leg 36

Well, needless to say i ran Epic.  Only part of the goal that wasn't realized was running it with my wife.  I was offered an 11th hour opportunity and took it.

Read Blog details here!

Other cycling/running events include - 
  • Tour de Park City - Not enough time and have wrong bike (TT not UCI approved)
  • Cache Valley Gran Fondo or Logan Sprint Tri  Had a good go, was a bit off, and ended up 2nd in age group, although that detail wasn't discovered until i went through the results.
  • Rockwell - Not enough time - one year maybe
  • MS150 - Not enough time - too much NYC this year
  • Tou 13.1 - Can't afford, will run it kinda tomorrow outside of the event - will accept freebies 
  • Drop 13 - enjoyed running with Kenny
  • Saints to Sinners - Not enough time
  •  and whatever else Liz and I fancy - a lot of things more towards life balance and keeping my wife sane - well if that's possible.

Goal 4

So I actually really did well on this, and despite the curveball in weather and the on the cusp of hypothermic conditions - I know a few others that DNF'd b/c of conditions, but I was motivated by the previous year's let down.  Overall I beat my time by 120 minutes, and without counting transitions, I did hit my goal time.  Shhhhhh!!!! details!

Goal 5

Unfortunately with my work assignment this year, just was a bit too far reaching.  I have learned a lot this year in my journey.  Life balance and over extending is ok, but over reaching yields fatigue, disruption and bonking.  This is also known as something folks term as 'over-training'. This is something I never would have listened to in my youth, but grateful to sources like Endurance Planet that just drill that concept into my cranium and psyche.

Goal 6

I have quite concentrated on this one.  I know I can be a turd at times.  I ma idealistic, driven by outcomes and have an interesting scenario to keep Liz and Dennis and now Juniper happy and content and so much more in the chase of happiness and fulfillment in life.

A few straight-forward observations.  I still dislike the notion of setting goals, but I am finding the more i make them task oriented the easier they are for me to get into a 'toward' state of actually achieving them.  Some people like to see others progress, others just don't.  I wrote the following today concerning negativity on a meme my step-sister Amelia posted:

So, here's the thing. Random thoughts from the peanut gallery...

Negativity is ok. It is, it must and needs to be there. however, one cannot dwell on it, as it is disruptive and can lead to being destructive. it can serve to be a sound measurement. one to create distance from. those that know how to go beyond their 'internal governor' and push through often require motivation. Motivation without reward is disruptive too.

What I find, since I know Liz and I have been through our own fair share of getting #$%^ done -- reducing negativity to indifference is very disruptive. Every journey starts with the first step just like every waterfall starts with just one drop.

Following this meme, oceans are patient, they are persistent, they are cyclical and constant in their patterns. They do not deviate when disruption presents as they know it will come and go and it will persist. It's strength is in those things.

So ya, for whatever its worth. get above board.... :)

Oh and last thought...It's ok to extend...Just not over reach....By extending, we can achieve what was once an over reach....To me, I am looking to be fit, healthy and obtain life-balance along the way....Ya, one could say I have matured a bit, thanks Liz
I also found that slowing down and just being and running or riding with peers, friends, colleagues and sometimes mere acquaintances is good for the soul.  It's good to let a goal or task just go a bit and join someone else in their journey.  Lend some support.  Listen or hear - there is a difference.  Listening to me is just that, feedback isn't necessary while listening unless directly requested.  Hearing however has a bit of a connotation that feedback is implicit, but it is also good to ask and confirm before providing (all that neuro science mumbo-jumbo from corporate - see I play along).  So, here I sit with a small conundrum.  Do I pen a few more down or just ride contentment and stay the course.  More to come later on that end, I need to finish a work assignment, that I have just come to the realization, I cannot find a solution to the impossible, because it is unreasonable and not rational.

Some Pix for fun!

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