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03 June 2016

2016 June 03 - Refacing of Blog Announcement - General Thoughts

Hey Folks.  Not much to say other than I have re-faced my blog, and still working to improve it.  In the end I hope to have multiple pages focused on simple things.  The simpler I can make things I will, but I want to separate out Triathlon workouts, personal, and other topics such as travel and nutrition.

I also want to grow my presence as I continue in my journey to achieve better life-balance, family focus and health.  I love my wife and am grateful to her push.  My hope is to claim some brand ambassador type things so I may be able to support this new lifestyle and promote it to others simply.

Hope all is well with you and yours!

Cheers and enjoy the clean and crisp structure.  Please pardon the dust as I work through the details over the next few weeks.

Snake River circa 2012/2013 - Liz first Epic adventure...  this picture represents about when I started listening to wife about a lifestyle change.  

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