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Come join us in Salt Lake She Said....Up and over Sardine Canyon (First time)...Kestrel and me

So wake up. normal morning. Working through things as I normally would while working remotely at home. Liz and Dennis get ready and head down to Salt Lake City to spend day with my cousin Donald's wife. Liz let's me know she is there safe. Things are good. Liz then says, they are thinking about a BBQ tonight. If you can find a way down. Now, who would want to lug this fella out of Cache Valley to Ogden. Don't get me wrong, I am decently cool, have some decent friends and associates, but really - 43 miles to Ogden Front Runner station or gasp, 73 miles to my cousin's new place in Murray (distances are approximate).

So Liz asks again shortly after wondering had I found an option. I figure she really wants me to go. I watch folks from time to time ride Sardine. I think, I did the Gran Fondo a few weeks back. i should be able to do that. Thinking. Still thinking. Ok work is light enough and so I decide. I let Liz know that I am going to do it.

Little did I know if she was plotting this all along or not. But, I quickly ready myself. I grab a quick wrap to eat - lots turkey, spinach, fresh tomato from garden. I grab so Gu's from our waning stash. I tend to a few things around the house, get the dogs ready and I am out the door.

I read an article about a common mistake new cyclist's make about riding out to hard. So i take my time and roll out behind the main roads and get loosened up on the farm roads as I head out to highway 91. That's where things begin. The 6-7 mile stretch into Sardine. I have ridden this quite often. Some days are good, others relaxed and some -- headwind. Yes, that's right. It is one of those days, headwinds. So I ride up into the path I am heading and pass the park and ride. The first climb to their is mild, but that darned headwind. I am going to make it, and I am going to meet up with Liz and Dennis. Well, to shorten the monotony the first major climb to the cell phone tower below Sherwood Hills was rough. Headwinds, starting to dehydrate and keeping hydrated without over doing it was new on this ride. I made it!

Next segment to Sherwood Hills was not as rough as a go, but i climbed the rise after and what I knew was about to come opened up to my view. I start opening up into the nice downhill, and whap. No more head wind, but cross winds. rolling near 25 mph and trying to push over 30 mph for the 6 % climb was not in my favor. I was leaning ever so slightly to compensate. I made it to the state shades fully aware of the fun about to hit me. The roll into Mantua was a nice reprieve as it was a 6 % downhill grade, but cross winds! I had to ride brakes and lean not to be mashed over into traffic that was heading towards Brigham City. So once again, being able to carry momentum for the last rise to the Brake Check was baffled by Crosswinds!

I stopped at the Brake Check as my feet were killing me. I was so stressed and concentrating on being safe in the wind I must have put it all into my feet. poor aching feet. (two days later I adjusted my cleats on my shoes and it has been better). So, after the ride I jump back on and cruise down the last grade and again -crosswinds and headwinds! Traffic was heavy so i used the cross walk to transition into highway 89 to the amusement and chagrin of a few motorists, one quipped 'why are you in the bikeline?' I pointed to the canyon and said, 'I just came through there'. The astonished look said it all as the car rolled up its window and I was off on the 20 miles of 89 to Wall Street station in Ogden.

This next part is uneventful and boring but I will say that the 89 bike friendless does not exist. A 6 inch shoulder/bike lane space puts you into 50-55 mph traffic from Brigham City into nearly Pleasant View before space becomes an option until Wall street where it gets interesting again.

So I survived. I made it. I walk up to grab a ticket, train rolls out. I get my ticket and find out from a train service worker, you know we are still on delay right. Grrr. Fast Forward. Cousin Donald picks me up. It was nice to be on Front Runner. There is a car that is super bike accessible. Further, a few of the other riders even gave quaint hellos, while they observed my rig wondering where the ram horns are and what are those aero bar things. A young rough cut family needed to make a phone call so I let them use my phone and we chatted a bit on the way and we helped each other make the transfer train from Front Runner to traxx. Simple nice easy cool down and getting ready to meet my family.

We had a good visit with Donald and Eliese. They have settled into their new apartment space and are enjoying life. I think they just celebrated their 1 year anniversary and on September 20, they have the opportunity to be selaed together in the Church Of jesus Christ of latter-Day Saints temple for eternity. What a great opportunity for them. We are excited for them and their little boy Kyler.

Some pictures I captured along the way.

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