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26 July 2013

quick thoughts for follow up later

An old friend of mine posted this. below follows my initial thoughts:

the sad thing is this is an isolated example (amongst MANY) that was aggregated by another source, ergo aligning to ad hominem fallacies....It is not an excuse and many new affiliates ran this story that believe was sourced near the accident, whther by an action to be similar to the Onion or other.....

What I find interesting is how everyone is so quick to DEMAND acceptance, yet in the same breath also DEMAND retribution for mistakes, and also an even more difficult state to obtain and maintain is the REQUIREMENT of a level of precise perfection for each and every interaction (whether in a protected class, or other situation).....

I happened upon a saing the other day "trade your expectation for appreciation and your world changes instantly"....if we could only get beyond the need for revenge and retribution and celebrate our differences and rejoice in the commonalities, as we are many more time alike than we are different.....

will return to thoughts later.....

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