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Simple Update

So, I have added some better images to the front page photo roll. Just click on home to the left to return to the main page. Should you like to return, find the 2013 label in the grel/black bar across the top and refind this post. :) Other than that, been working through work challenges. trying to identify a way to share Europe with Dennis and Liz before this summer is over. it doesn't appear that I will be able to squeeze it in as other colleagues have done and that is annoying as I am one of the last on the project and the resources have been pillaged. A few have done multiple trips. Anyway, I am grateful to be home this week. We have been up the mountains a bit this week and that has been a splendid relief from the concrete jungles of Europe.

I was upgraded on both segments this last trip to Strasbourg. That helped me getting into the swing of things a lot faster as i was able to sleep on both segments a lot better than i normally do even in Delta's Economy Comfort class. My company has recently changed the travel policy so that i am no longer able to schedule and book my travel absent of a travel assistant. Sometimes i wonder if it would just be easier to say, here is the date I need to travel and tell them to manage the rest, payments etc and remove me from the equation so that i do not have to mitigate the troubles and challenges associated with the booking as it compares to ever-shifting policy and strategy.

Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic and Time-Bound

The new trend that is making its rounds in the market place. It is interesting to watch the diversity of those who implement this strategy. it is such a dichotomy to witness how the battle between complete control and freedom or agility is squandered in business ideals. The simplistic equation still remains, in choice attached is consequence. In order to control the consequence, one must control the choice. Information is power here. The better one gets at making simple choices, the better, stronger and more clear one's associated freedoms are. Similar to the meme I saw from Penn Teller. Elder D. Todd Christofferson, Apostle from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints related it this way - " Our choice in this life is not whether we will or will not be subject to any power. Our choice is to which authority we will yield obedience: God’s or Satan’s." Click Here for Source . Although Penn Teller subscribes to a non-deity oriented philosophy, the construct is the similar on it would be replaced with absolute moral values instead of god vs satan or good vs evil. I just find it interesting if we reduce many of the things from many options, we typically as a human society are reaching for similar outcomes. Emotion and other influence muddy the waters and make it so much more interesting and challenging. Ok, enough of a thought for now.

Back to the grind! Cheers!!!

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