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A lot of people have suggested I write a book. The problem is with writing a book, it consumes one's mind, passion and other details most commonly shared with close family. I don't know that I am willing to sacrifice my family for that just yet.

The last two years Liz and I have made quite a few sacrifices.
--We bought our first home in Feb 2008.
--In Late October I was presented with an offer to move to Connecticut to be the Associate Registrar in the prestigious Yale Law School. I was in that capacity from December 2008 - July 2009. I gave 2 minutes notice and walked away from this opportunity, I realized that this position was not for me, not necessarily because I didn't measure up or didn't like the work, a few very key personalities made it difficult to maintain my morals and hold true to what I believe (I am being very diplomatic at this point).
--We sold our home on June 25th, 2009 and relocated to Virginia. I discovered an opportunity at Longwood University and was asked to be the Assistant Registrar. All seemed well at first and then later determined yet another quagmire position and personalities I couldn't work for due to integrity and other morals.
--June 2010 - Accepted an offer to work with Sungard Higher Education as a travelling Systems Consultant. So far so good. I really like most elements, and at the end of the day I represent SGHE not the client that does or does not take the recommendations I offer them.
--July 17 - Purchased 2nd home in Cache Valley.

Upon reflection, the two years was turbulent. Liz and I determined that we needed to put our faith where our hearts were. When the Yale option presented itself, everything pointed to us to take the position. Little did we expect to have trial after trial in front of us for 8 months (being apart for 8 months, difficulty selling home, Devil Wheres Prada, etc). When we determined and realized it was time to end this trial, an exit was provided that allowed us to sell our home and relocate in a timely fashion to then proceed in the next place.

Farmville, Virginia is where we landed. The members of this small branch welcomed us with open arms and tried everything they could to accept and integrate us. It was very nice to have members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints step forward and practice what they preach. Work was fairly decent for a time until I decided to flex a bit. I was asked to come in and bring a few key things to the organizational unit under the Registrar, which I quickly brought the National Student Clearinghouse services to campus and implemented them and integrated them with Banner, however it was to the dismay of my superiors and the credit they wanted to have from bringing this wonderful service to campus. Mind you when I left, my direct superior had no idea had to benefit from its associated services nor create the analyses being requested by the next level of superiors.

In the end, I started to get anxious again and felt prompted to look at SGHE offerings. I found a position worth applying for and forgot about it. I was contacted a few weeks later and went through the interview process and was not considered for the position. A few weeks pass and I was called by SGHE and asked to strongly consider a different position. I decided with Liz this was worthwhile and went through the process. I was then offered a position and we decided to take it. The next few weeks were interestingly frustrating.

--Landlord didn't want to work with us (two week extension on natural contract, then has the audacity to supply us with $38 dollars from a $500 deposit, and we were told verbally by landlord that we were the best tenants they ever had.
--My direct Superior engaging in activities that were not equitable (I wasn't allow to utilize my accrued vacation time or cash it out when another employee that left for personally reasons was afforded that option).
--Locating a place to live in Utah--Which happened relatively easily, once we found the correct property.
--First property being a painintheass as we negotiated through the process which finally resulting in us rescinding our offer.
--Other minor things that tugged at us, should we stay or move to Utah...
--Small squabbles that erupted into larger things in our circles of influence... Broken thoughts above...stuck in draft, published now!!!

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