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FB rant/thought

ok these memes or whatever the crap they are...some are just plain worthless....are people so afraid of things they have to step behind a silly postcard to express their opinion and so shallow in character they cannot stand forth on their own belief systems or perhaps stand alone and sometimes be unique (scary thought..eeek) ....seriously...these United States became powerful b/c we didn't all necessarily agree on everything, however we came together and stood together and befriended each other creating a wonderful diversity sometimes in crisis, sometimes in prosperity....it was neither perfect or always injust/just....people are afraid to trick or treat, people are afraid to wear their religious affiliation, sexual preference or hobbies they enjoy on their sleeves.....c'mon folks, be who you are, mete the character you are and just be you.....further, be brave enough to be tolerant of a stance or view point you may not agree with, but be human enough to accept the person, this doesn't mean one must conform completely to the others construct, but we 'should' be able to exist together and maybe even learn something form the other side....just my $.02 from the i'm frustrated of work today corner.....

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