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So it seems that I have been traveling a lot these past few months.  The most exciting to note to share is that while asleep in an emergency row en route to Portland Maine, the older gentleman next to me grabbed my leg around my knee.  i don't even want to know why the creepy aging fella did so nor why he didn't understand that his lack of courtesy was not appreciated when I asked him to stay on his side.

That aside, things are good.  I brought Liz and Dennis with me on this current trip and spent a day and a half with them in Philly before heading to Delaware for the week.  It is interesting to have the opportunity to work with a client where one of my previous bosses worked.  I can already see his hands in things and have been requested to help clean things up.  Hrmmm, a trend.....

Liz and Dennis went to the Franklin Institute today while in Philly and it sounds like they really had a great time and they had Grandma go with them.  It has been a good trip and hope that Dennis has appreciated his time.  He had a wonderful time on the plane as this time around he is able to understand everything that is happening.  I am glad it was not a full flight on the way across as he was providing a very detailed play-by-play  of the events as they unfolded.  He was mad excited most of the way and didn't start into the I'm bored mode until later in the trip.

Christmas was good and we also moved my mother in with us.  All things considered, life  is great, we are generally rather healthy and feeling grateful to the abundant life we have been able to live so far.

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