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--I was in a meeting today and received word of Brian's passing during a heated moment (ok extremely contentious better describes the real moment)....i received a text message from shannon, my sister, that relayed the message of brian's passing.....it brought a smile to my face b/c i knew he was in better place......i'd like to believe that Brian had something do with what happened next......i was provided a moment during this meeting to be questioned b/c i broke my composure as i was caught smiling (it was definitely out of place)... when i responded with 'i just got word that one of my best friends passed away'.....it immediately changed the tenor of the meeting .....one gal then said, 'but you are smiling'....to this i responded, 'Yes, but it's moments like this that i am reassured that families can be together forever and no worldly concept can ever destroy that reality'....the remainder of the discussion isn't that important, but needless to say an opportunity to share a brief direct witness to this handful of jersey shore types was what kept me from losing my composure further....thanks brian, for the missionary moment old friend..... --

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