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21 September 2011

Another political FB post - Thought I'd add some commentary

Mitt Romney is the pilot who can get this economy off the ground. See my article "Getting Airborn" at and check out my new

Just like he did with the EPA?

or the debacle that occurred under his watch on the Olympics committee?

Not to mention the huge sinkhole in the State of Massachusetts tunnel, and the previous tunnel's collapse.

Don't get me wrong, it appears that Mitt is a good guy...but his track record as a civil servant is less than admirable.....

.it's all relative, it's the synergy of the 3 branches and the peasants or the masses that needs to be reborn....not reliance on one person or group of persons....the republic turned oligarchy is the real problem.... American government recap video, click here (approx 10 mins)

.we are no longer following a 'rule of law' with democratic ideals, rather we are chasing the whims of a select few....

From my experience, many of the lawmakers would fail a basic torts exam....I think the bar should be re-take every 5 years....

Will revist....more to come....

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