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04 March 2011

Just some musings

I have been supporting a client in Maine the last few weeks.  I have been able to stay in the Portland, Biddeford, and Scarborough areas.  I have been pleasantly surprised by the hospitality of the folks that are there in this area.  I feel that it is a lot like Utah in many ways.  In it's culture.  The way the people project themselves here.  Lastly in the manner that they love the outdoors and their fascination with that.

The access to food has been interesting.  Being allergic to crustaceans, Maine is an interesting place to be.  I have hit some of my normal eating places like Chili's, Outback Steakhouse, Texas Roadhouse, and just this trip UNO.  OF course I still go to Sam's Club and grad their chicken and create a salad most trips, but this week was a bit different.

As for travel I decided to hop through Atlanta for once.  Except for pointless delays it was a nice change of pace.  The airport wasn't as bad as I have heard but I was also limited to only one concourse to go through.  Other than some annoying spring breakers it was a great trip....

In Portland, the mall is equipped with a Mac Store and given the recent announcement of the iPad 2, it has become a fave place of mine to waste time and feel 'geekified'.  I am always amused by the short answers and bs they give their customers that is nothing but jargon and buzzwords.  But marketing is selling in that product space and the consumers tend to dig that jazz.  I also was able to get an iMac for our house and I think Liz has a beaming smile similar to the one she got when I had her test drive the Audi.  I was able to remotely install some of her fave programs and things seem to be cranking along nicely.

Dennis is just growing and growing.  Apparently when Liz went to register him into the Logan City School district it was a mess and very unorganized.  From the sound of it, it is rife with too many theoritcal administrative thinkers, that are too lazy or overburdened to affect change.  Just by simply breaking the populations up over the 3 day period, one day specified to half the group, next day to the other half, last day a free-for-all would have changed the entire dynamic.  Oh well what do I know.  I am stuck in process management and making things more efficient currently as my strength in my career.

Things for us as a family overall are good.  Liz just took on the project of purchasing baby chicks and that is now the current hot topic at our place.  THat will soon be replaced by gardening.  If the weather will cooperate we'd like to get our garden space taken care of and prepped for the upcoming season.  Once that has occurred we'll be working the 20' x 40 foot space to its fullest potential in an effort to combat corporations from trying to wrestle presidents out of our pockets.

Anyway.  I just wanted to post a little blip and an update.  I will spare this one from some of my rants and objective discoveries I have made in the past little bit in my travels.  I am being more and more convinced that  the opposition in things and maxims is growing further and further apart but the polarization is causing more and more people to want to sit right in between in the mass gray area of lukewarm.  It is sad, it is pathetic, but it is what it is.

Liz and I are happy.  Dennis is a wonderful little lad.  I am grateful for them and wonderfully privileged to be a husband and father to t hem.  We have been blessed and are well provided for at this time and we've even had the opportunity to serve others.

I think that is plenty for now....Cheers!

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