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Another Humourous FB Thread I commented on...hrmmm

Eternal! It is loving in spite of temporal addictions, bad habits, attitudes and faults. It is looking the other in the eyes and saying "I LOVE YOU" and feeling the eternal connection. It is an INSTANT COMMITMENT that will endure the eterni...ties. It is your TESTIMONY that what ever happens you will love your partner past death do us part and through forever. Somehow that person would be patient while I struggle with their popularity, time consuming demands, and inspired dreams.

They would picture what ETERNITY would be like stuck with me yet for some strange reason they would still love me...


Commentor 1: Nice.

Liz: Instant commitment? Gonna have to disagree there.

Author: Why?

Commentor 3: ...a myth, chemically identical to eating large quantities of chocolates..... lolololololol

Liz: Why would you instantly commit to someone? Had I done that in high school, I would be in a very different place right now. Doesn't mean I didn't love that person but choosing to commit to someone takes time. You need to make sure that is really what you want and what Heavenly Father has in mind.

Author: Yeah the above is talking about when you know you are Truly in Love with someone... like when you knew you wanted to spend Eternity with Shane... not someone in high school...

Liz: I get that but....I was truly in love with that person. I had to make a choice.

Author: Correct... and when you made that choice you made a commitment in that instant that stuck... you did not waiver from it...

#Shane Livingston
I dunno...there is a semblance of truth mingled with a lot of conjecture and hyperbole in your quote or assertion....if you are asserting that instantaneous felicity is what determines true love, then you are also asserting that instant gra...tification is also acceptable and allowable...so therefore, eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die!!!!

Albeit 'true love' if it exists may also promotes the doctrine and concept of 'fate' and absence of choice which is contradictory to the notion that there is opposition in all things....we live in a world betwixt with maxims and oxy-morons.....the main thing that we, as agents free to choose, have is the ability to choose and we have a direct and distinct ownership of the accountability attached to our choices....

as much as I know that Liz and I were the right choice, it is not to say that it was instant nor did our commitment start at first sight....can it occur sure...does it make it any less great, not at all...months later when we committed to each other then committed in a temple marriage, our battle for 'true love' did not end there, rather it is on-going and never constant nor complete. If it was, she and I may grow out of true love as too many couples do, and forget that love is work, as opposed to persistent and free....

fwiw my $.02See More

Author: Again you two are way over analyzing this,,, lol

Liz: A poem or thought is meant to be "thought" about, no? Not everything is constant or a given :)

Lol yes it was a thought, from an LDS hand out, which I agree with.. and the thought itself is a simple one.. unless you want to complicate the hell out of it by trying to over-think it... sorta like most people do about love.. its actuall...y quite simplistic in nature... True Love is Eternal Love, it is only True Love once you have decided that person is going to be your Eternal Companion... it may be love otherwise but it is not true love. True Love exalts. Therefore True Love is a choice, its made the moment you decide you want to have an Eternal Marriage with the other person and therefore in that instant of your decision you now have made a commitment in your mind and your heart to that person... but thanks again for picking apart something simple and sweet.. it was a comment made to help someone ;)

Liz: I don't know why you are upset about it.

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  1. So shortly after Liz and my posts we were removed from being able to comment on our family member's pages. It makes me laugh, it makes me curious to why such shallow thoughts are accepted as truth when a little research and deeper looking, one will see that the original quote is quite contradictory to information that is found in the LDS and CES approved manuals on eternal marriage. Oh well, I suspect that this oversight will hopefully be discovered in this young person's journey through life before more heartache and misunderstandings are created.

    All we can do is point out and mentor those we can through 'free advice'. I love to be challenged and even though at times it is rough to take at first, it provides re-centering, further learning and the ability to bring in the 3rd member of the godhead to either confirm or deny the truthfulness of all things.

    FWIW... my $.02.


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