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06 December 2010

wikileaks thoughts

Facebook Stream
-- khoury, Brown and Berry are prolly frothing out the mouth on rights to the storyline....
remark 1:
I think a drone with a missile has his name on it
remark 2:
This screams of the last gasp efforts of a man who knows he’s going down. Also he sure seems to think alot of himself.

My Thoughts:  "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes"

The USA is less than saintly, and we sure keep sowing the fruits of our much for the, 'by their fruits ye shall know them' thing...anyone remember what happened on July 3, 1988 as an example...We contributed to Iran when Britain asked our intel monkeys to stir the pot and quel things (League of Nations bleh)....we facilitated and funded Afghanistan, and now look where we are at...thanks for that, France.....

we only tend to like quid pro quo when it is in our favor, and history/bias is controlled by the victors, generally speaking....

as for a drone with a missile...
should we really revert to tactics used from Nicaea and return to merely fighting over a 'holy land'....the wikileaks guy has had his time in the spotlight and mayb the poor aussie should be left to dry somewhere....I'm sure infidels loved the following punishment:  bathing in honey and being stuffed in a horse carcass with head hanging out the buttocks....this was a tactic used by moorish crusaders to purge the unfortunate in the high deserts outside of would draw buzzards to eat the unfortunate to death as they were bound within the carcass of the horse...insult to injury....

the intelligence game of espionage is radically different then it was during the 'Bay of Pigs' debacle...back then you could assassinate key political figures when certain intelligence agencies felt you should be 'fired' will be interesting to see in the future who is willing to play the game or not...the many many lies are becoming nearly impossible to cover up and I sense a major upheaval on the horizon on many fronts...(the masses, the govt, the chickens, the pigs)  Information (accurate and not) is so easy to traffic today and distribute almost effortlessly.

I am beginning to think that political philosophies and doctrines are impotent in this argument now, it's almost like we are about to be drawn into the same problems that the gaza strip has suffered for years....the political higher ups go on display and say we have accomplished this or that and the 'masses' say 'screw you' and do the opposite....Prop 8, NoH8, Don't ask don't tell, death sentencing, human trafficking, national debt, campaign finance all lend itself as examples to illustrate my point of view....

I don't think this little pawn (Assange) is really behind what is occurring, it is 'noise' and a distraction...I want to know what is being missed while this fodder is being played in the spotlight....

I do think this is a proud man's plea for more O2 all the while his air tank is out and he is rapidly sinking into a death like state....I just hate pawns..and this stinks of another engine, this isn't a solo whack-job...but what do i know....the method and timing of these deliveries is way too orchestrated....what's beyond the 'noise'

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