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20 September 2010

Utah Paper’s Stance on Immigrants Causes Clash

This is ridiculously funny. Thanks to an old acquaintance (JB) for bring this to my attention. I love journalism especially when it is seeking to breed misinformation in a manner that is crafty and sleek!

News article Click Here

The unfortunate reality is this story is polluted. It is preying on multiple issues in one argument/story and presenting each out of context to arrive at creating contention and chaos...

Most Americans aren't savvy enough to address each issue independently, let alone combine it in a complex fabric that doesn't create a discord amongst its constituents. Neither does it address each issue independently to help its readers understand the basic facts centering around the multiple presented issues....
US immigration is appalling anyway you look at it. Its enforcement was unheard of for years as we many early Americans immigrated from European countries seeking religious refuge at first and then later an opportunity to acquire wealth that was unavailable in the country they left behind (greed). In each scenario the natives of the American continent were savagely treated as they were deemed only as savages and this was considered appropriate behavior for these God-fearing types. The greed-centered group saw the natives as an associated business risk and dealt with them accordingly to meet their maximum benefit. This assertion makes the greed-types seem mor palatable than the religious types that should be against murder, lies and other ills. Immigration will continue to be an issue until people remember that the country was founded on immigration ideals.

To me an option to consider:
One that uses usage or consumption taxes as a method to provide better adherence to immigration problems. Generally speaking, if one is able to present official papers (from anywhere), they are charged a consumption tax at 'X' rate...if you don't have papers or are forgetful (for those too lazy to bring papers, those that don't have official papers, etc) then said person is charged at 'Y' rate.

a) Training - how to train various individuals (across borders) to know what are 'real authentic' papers and what is not.
i.)This slides to a slippery slope wherein the next option is a one-card for the world community or even more dangerous a black market where either may retrieve goods and services (providing competition to the newly formed corporate entity known as government).
b) Creation of black market entities providing options from the controlled corporate/government run options.
c) World wide community acceptance and buy in after one country steps forward to present this option.
i.) New World Order fears and political propaganda topics to deter this simpl oriented approach
d) access to 'real' documentation for people that are untrained, illiterate, handicapped, or otherwise unable to acquire this information

a) Removal of fear and risk associated with individuals in various areas to have free business and travel options worldwide or at least in America
b) A broader customer base and more fluid exchange
c) Penalty is non-discriminatory as long as it is enforced, elements of technology could be used to increase the risk of discrimination (eg, card is swiped, then 'X' rate, no card swipe then 'Y' rate is only option
d) Removal of politics
e) Increase in commerce and change and shift in job market and economy. This shift and transition would create employment to support this newly adopted system

I imagine there are more risks and benefits than those I offered but thought it was a start to maybe have others engage in this topic.

I have always questioned how LDS types choose to maintain an affinity to either major political party as their associated maxims embrace fascism and despotism at its extremes...I, myself, choose and favor more of an anti-government approach that then allows me ultimate freedom to choose and then requires me to accept the accountability that is inherently attached to my choices and actions.

The other rudimentary issue that is exposed in this article but left unaddressed is that of crime. The constituents of Arizona (regardless of religious affinity) have chosen to legislate for a change according to the rules as required by the current Constitution in these United States. Now whether it is good/bad, that is not the issue, rather the selection of people feel at risk because of the crime that is associated with certain minority groups. This has nothing to do with religious choices and feelings, rather it is a choice to protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness because others don't choose to play by the current set of established rules and laws. Now it may be argued that they do not know, or are illiterate etc, but these are all appendages to the argument which digresses from the original point.

Too bad the NY Times preyed on this. Further it is pathetic that it was decided to use this technique to incite individuals to quibble at trivial matters. Many active LDS that practice and try to better themselves vis-a-vis the gospel of Jesus Christ try to use an extra tool provided them through their faith. It is called 'the Spirit'. When persons are presented with difficult problems, the doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints state that the heavens are open even to the common person through prayer and 'personal revelation' (think of it as a 'super' conscience), which empowers the person to make better decisions that benefit the children of God. This is not marred by political assertions or philosophies. he standard is that of the 'Golden Rule' learned during the Sermon on the Mount and further emphasized by Jesus Christ in the Americas (See 3rd Nephi in the Book of Mormon). I just hope as I encounter decisions that surround this issue, that I can use my own faculties and those heavenly faculties as well, to make decisions and choices that will benefit us all as a human family and race.

I do think I lost an coherent thought in my ramblings, but I do think that this article clearly illustrates the pollution we must sift through that confuses people into making bad choices. The propaganda engines attached to any movement are alive and strong and continue to look for momentum in their varied attempts to gather masses to their empty plates.

blah blah blah...bleh!

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