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20 December 2009

Christmas Break Begins....

Since I have begun my career in Higher Education I have not been privileged to have the Christmas holiday free of tensions from work....maybe this is one of the reasons that we came to Farmville, VA. Anyway, it is nice to have some snow here in the South. I am trying to settle down and find a niche here amongst the close-knit good ol' boy community. I keep saying the people here are great, but the systems and mentality is just difficult to work with. I have been trying to reason if I am the common denominator or if the statement I have been clinging to is true. this next two weeks will be nice to break away with my beautiful wife and wonderful little boy.

I definitely need to finish off this blog template and get it finished. One the one hand I like it, on the other, not sure I like it. Ya I know, my onion peel is thick and I feel like it's not me. I will probably address that tonight after I finish this small post.

I am grateful to be with my wife and son although it has been one trial after the other since we chose to allow me to go to Yale. Who buys a home and 8 months later decides to re-locate across the country. This whole 'listing' to the Spirit is an interesting and difficult yet rewarding adventure. I often wonder what the character of those great people were like and are Liz and I even close. She and I have been through the wringer since we decided to do this, whether it was whole-heartedly or not, we both 'knew' it was what we were to do. We have met some interestingly difficulties through this and the 'flooding' of the basement and the linoleum flooring as a response is not our favorite one as of late. Today our church services were cancelled due to 'inclement' weather. Today was sunny and clear after a 12 inch snow storm hit us. The Sabbath and our worship services is something our family definitely needs. I am grateful to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am grateful, that even though my wife is a bit tired and tattered from the last year and a half of life, she feels the same way. Dennis is a wonderful little boy and is learning like nobodies business. We had fun in the snow today and built a pseudo snow man. He kept asking for a 'magic hat' and said he'd be the bad guy so I could be the good guy cuz that's who I am. I didn't really tell Liz that yet b/c we have been at each other a bit with some of our fun stress of the past year and a half.

I have been reminded that snow is an important part of my life. Although I am not snowboarding like I love to, I know that we should be closer to the snow. I do not know when we can make that happen again but I think that is something that I would like to have happen in the future. I'd like to have Dennis have the opportunity to be in the snow, where one has the opportunity to do activities that are close to heaven...I mean if one makes a mistake in the snow, heaven is the next step, and that has had an affect on my life more than I like to admit.

Anyway, time to get to finding a template I like that is as feature rich as I want. I just wish my Mac was actually opened enough so I can use it and not just see it as a pretty paper weight. Cheers!

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